Listing Guidelines for Used DURAPAN Washout Products


Welcome to! We're excited to provide a platform for our valued past clients to sell their used DURAPAN® products. Before you start listing, please review the following guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful experience for both sellers and buyers.


Only past clients who have previously purchased DURAPAN® products are eligible to list their used items on We value the trust and loyalty of our clients, and this platform is designed to facilitate the resale of DURAPAN® products within our community.


Ensure that the DURAPAN® products you are listing are genuine and were originally purchased from or an authorized distributor. Clearly communicate any relevant details about the product, such as model, dimensions, and any modifications made.


Provide accurate information about the condition of the DURAPAN® product. Clearly mention any wear and tear, damages, or repairs. High-quality listings with detailed descriptions and images are more likely to attract interested buyers.


Include clear and high-resolution images of the used DURAPAN® product from various angles. Images help potential buyers assess the condition and make informed decisions. Highlight any unique features or aspects that add value to the product.


Set a fair and competitive price for your used DURAPAN® product. Consider factors such as the product's age, condition, and any additional features. Research similar listings to determine a reasonable price that reflects the product's value.


Be responsive to inquiries from potential buyers. Prompt and clear communication helps build trust and can lead to a smoother transaction. Respond to questions about the product's history, condition, and any other relevant details.

Listing Approval

All listings are subject to review and approval by We reserve the right to reject listings that do not meet our guidelines or standards. Ensure that your listing adheres to the guidelines outlined here.


Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations when listing your used DURAPAN® product. Clearly state any limitations on warranty or guarantees. Be transparent about the sale, and ensure that both parties understand the terms of the transaction.

Ready to List?

If you're a past client ready to give your used DURAPAN® product a new home, start the listing process here. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing, and happy selling!

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