How to use video: Pump Priming, Pump & Mixer Washout, and Managing Washout Water. Lifting links are NOW upgraded to Pewag or Crosby.

North American Engineer Certified & Fabricated Job-Site Containment. We make what we sell.


Locally made and fully supported: We stand behind our products 100%, and since 2004, we've never had a single return or safety issue. For select customers who have put our products to the test, we've even provided free repairs!
North American craftsmanship: Trust in our commitment to producing the highest quality containment solutions right here in North America.
CAL/OSHA certified: Our live load testing is performed at a certified lab, withstanding an impressive 36,500 lbs.
Engineer stamped & certified: Every DURAPAN® product comes with California engineer-stamped and certified structural design calculations for your peace of mind.
Versatile solutions: With portable containment options ranging from 150 to 8,000 gallons, we have the perfect solution for any project.

Utilize Lids for compliance and prevention

During rain events, the EPA SWPPP BMP requires
covers for your DURAPAN® products. We offer optional, stackable lids that can
be used even when the container is full.


DURAPAN® Setting the Standard in Global Safety and Quality

Not all washout pans are created equal. At DURAPAN®, we take pride in providing products that meet and exceed OSHA guidelines for lifting and handling:
Every DURAPAN® model is load tested at an OSHA-certified live load testing facility with 36,500 lbs, ensuring strength and durability.
Our lifting links are made by top-of-the-line Crosby and Pewag, both approved for overhead rigging.