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Concrete Pump Truck Washout Pan: 50"x96"x14", 286 Gal
OSHA Lift Compliant, Load Tested 36,500 lbs

Concrete Pump Truck Washout Pan: 50"x96"x14", 286 Gal - OSHA Lift Compliant, Load Tested 36,500 lbs

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Introducing the DURAPAN® 300 – a robust and versatile containment solution designed specifically for concrete pump washout and pump-priming.

UPC 860010600016

Do you need a rain cover for SWPPP? Select HERE

Please click here to download the load test certificates and safety information

DURAPAN Safety Specs 300

Load Test Certificate



County of origin: North America 

Warranty: Lifetime 

Dimensions: 50 x 96 x 14"

Actual height: 14"

Designed for concrete pump truck washout and concrete pump truck priming 

Liquid and solid volume:

286 Gallon capacity 
1,144 US Liquid quart
39 Cubic foot
1,083 Liter

Approximate tare weight: 651 lbs

ASTM material grades:

Plate A36

Channel: A36

Angle: A36

Weld: AWS E70XX

Lifting links: OSHA compliant Crosby and Pewag overhead rated lifting links

Optional watertight rain lid 

The DURAPAN® 300 is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the construction industry, providing exceptional strength, durability, and reliability. Choose the DURAPAN® CROSBY HEAVY LIFT CRANE SERIES OSHA 300 for your next project and experience the difference in quality and performance.


A pan made from 1/4” steel is 13.12 times stronger than one made from 12-gauge.


A pan made from 5.4 channel is extremely durable and very reliable. It is 79.81 times stronger than an open channel/headrail.


Our engineered two-way XL fork pockets outperform other options.  Generously sized at 8”W. x 3”H. X ¼”@ 52” OD.


Prevents punctures caused by inserting misaligned forks.  MAX pan’s are equipped with four (4) 8” x ¼” welded steel bumper pads that absorb and redirect impact force preventing punctures.

 Inter-stackable Design:

Our innovative inter-stackable feature allows for easy and efficient storage, transport, and handling of multiple pans, maximizing space and convenience on the job site.

 Watertight Construction:

The DURAPAN® SUPER HEAVY LIFT CRANE SERIES OSHA 400 is watertight, ensuring containment and prevention of leaks or spills, protecting your job site and the environment.


 O.S.H.A Certified Lab Load Tested With 36,500 Lbs. Link to load test certificate

 Engineering Calculation Packet Available upon Request Link to enter email and request

 High Strength 1/4” Steel Floors

 High Strength 7 Gauge Steel Walls

 Hand Welded Continuous Seams

 11” Wide Angled Inclosed Forklift Pockets Spaced 40” to OD

 Engineered Stealth design floor & tapered interior walls prevent materials from sticking

 Serialized metal Equipment Identification plated riveted to front panel of each pan.

 Serialized metal Equipment safety use plate attached to each pan

 Painted Safety Yellow

 Easy Release Nesting Spacers allow inter-stacking of multiple pans and prevent sticking.

Steel Watertight Lids with Nitrile seal available.

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