Sanitation, Dirt Management & Trade Liquid/Solid Waste Recycling for Next-Generation Job Sites

Leading the Industry Since 2004 with Expertise in Vertical Construction

Since 2004, DURAPAN® has been reshaping vertical construction landscapes, offering unmatched expertise and presenting next-generation job sites grounded in sanitation excellence, sustainable dirt management, and responsible trade waste recycling. Leveraging modern conveniences and our exhaustive 13-step service plan, we facilitate super clean restroom solutions featuring air conditioning, exceptional sanitization, hot and cold water hand wash stations, mobile phone chargers, WiFi, and catering solutions.

Your Trusted Partner, Collaborating with Industry Leaders

We have fostered enduring collaborations with renowned industry leaders such as Hensel Phelps, Kiewit, Turner, Swinerton, Sandia National Labs, NASA, and SpaceX. These partnerships echo DURAPAN®'s unwavering commitment to providing solutions that are a cut above the rest, fostering reliability and innovation at every turn.

Innovative Turnkey Containment Solutions

At DURAPAN®, we go beyond the conventional, engineering one-of-a-kind turnkey containment solutions that prioritize safety and site protection. Made with pride in North America, our offerings encompass an array of pan options, liquid tanks, and washout stations, available with optional lids to facilitate supreme SWPPP compliance and maintain impeccable housekeeping standards, underscoring our commitment to safeguarding your site while promoting environmental sustainability.

Championing Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Solutions

Leveraging our groundbreaking dirt management strategies, we encourage the reuse of materials, achieving a remarkable reduction in landfill contributions by 72% to 98%. Our comprehensive approach to recycling both solid and liquid trade waste, supported by the issuance of LEED recycling certificates, has established DURAPAN® as a beacon of environmental conservation through rigorous diversion reporting. Beyond ecological benefits, our strategies foster substantial cost savings, cutting project expenses by 20% to 40%, with our management fee standing at a modest 30%, a cost effectively counterbalanced by the savings and recycling diversions we facilitate.

24/7 Dedicated Support for Seamless Operations

Our team of dedicated Account Managers and Customer Care Representatives stands ready to serve you around the clock, promising smooth operations and tailored service to meet every construction site demand.

Custom-Tailored Solutions for Diverse Construction Projects

Our bespoke solutions are crafted to cater to a diverse array of construction projects, offering:

Restrooms: Meeting basic needs with elevated sanitation solutions.
High-Rise Restrooms: Tailored solutions for high-rise construction projects.
Elite Restroom Trailers: Enhancing your mobile offices with integrated facilities.
Concrete Washout Pans and Roll-Offs.  OSHA Compliant for Crane and Lift use.
Portable Hot/Cold Showers & Hand-Wash Sinks: Setting new standards in on-site hygiene and convenience.
Leaders in Job-Site Trade Waste Management for all sites.

We stand as industry leaders in trade waste management, offering comprehensive services for concrete and paint washout, all aimed at ensuring a clean and compliant job site.

Unyielding Commitment to Safety and Compliance

We uphold an unyielding commitment to safety, adhering meticulously to OSHA and ANSI 14.3 standards through our industry-leading training and safety programs, all geared towards cultivating secure and compliant work environments.

Boost Productivity through Smart Resource Allocation

Maximize productivity levels and ensure workforce satisfaction with our onsite monitor.  Preventing graffiti and ensuring clean personal spaces.

Expanding Services for Streamlined Job Site Operations

We are continually expanding our range of services to bring efficiency and streamlined operations to your job site, including temporary power setups, fencing, and mobile storage.

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Embark on a journey towards excellence and sustainability in vertical construction with DURAPAN®. Reach out to our customer care team at (833) DURAPAN or request a quote online to explore our innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for next-generation job sites.

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